5 simple social media tips for non-profits

Fundraising can be tricky… Where do you start? How do you share your message? And how do you reach those willing to donate to your cause? Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to generate unparalleled awareness, community support and in turn donations, with minimal, if not, no advertising budget at all. Here’s how:

1. Aim to share content that your followers would want to engage with to help spread your message organically

Content that triggers emotions or resonates with your followers is likely to lead to higher engagement such as likes, comments, and shares. This increases the reach of your posts without having to spend any money on paid advertising. Not only this, but social engagement is basically the digital version of word of mouth. It’s a reliable and powerful tool that can help create a strong community of supporters and, as a result, improve your fundraising efforts.

2. Create a unique #hashtag that’s relevant to your cause or campgain

A branded hashtag is an excellent tool to use to build a strong social community. It gives your supporters a way to show their support when they share their own content, which not only helps to create awareness but also gives them a sense of pride and belonging by knowing that they are part of something bigger. When creating your hashtag remember to keep it original, short, memorable and easy to read and spell.

3. Make a link to your Everydayhero fundraising page a prominent feature of your social media account

The key here is to make it simple and quick for people to donate to your cause. Including a link to your Everydayhero page on your social media profile is like creating another road to a popular tourist destination – the more roads/links the more opportunities there are for people to reach your page. Once they arrive at your page they can then find out more about your cause, your progress and make a donation securely. Including a link within relevant posts is also a great way to extend your efforts.

4. Include posts on your fundraising progress

The number one reason why people choose to follow a social media account is to keep up-to-date with whatever it is that that person, charity or business does. For non-profits, your followers are extremely interested in your fundraising progress as it shows them how their combined effort is making a real difference in the world. It also helps them understand where you are at in terms of reaching your goals and often triggers a higher level of motivation and engagement, helping you exceed your fundraising target.

5. Remember to customise your target audience when creating ads

If you choose to invest in paid social advertising, targeting the right people is key to getting the most bang for your buck. In fact, social media advertising can be the most cost-effective advertising channel for your organisation – if used correctly. Depending on whether you’re trying to increase awareness, reach those who have previously shown interest in your cause or engage with your existing supporters, creating a custom target audience makes your ads more relevant and highly effective.   We hope these tips help you understand how to use social media more effectively to achieve fundraising success!   For more helpful tips see our blog post on How to Leverage Fitness Tracking or 4 Strategies to Improve Your Non-Profit’s Storytelling.