Five simple ways to leverage fitness apps and boost fundraising

Giving has always been about more than just money.

When a fundraiser signs up to participate in a run, walk or ride (RWR) event, it often means that they’re embarking on a physically challenging journey that requires a significant amount of time, effort and dedication to complete.

As the popularity of fitness apps grows, so too does the opportunity to leverage their fundraising potential within RWR events.

We know that working towards a fitness goal can be a powerful motivator especially when that journey is shared with our personal networks.

Nonprofits who are quick to take advantage of this trend are well placed to not only increase their fundraising totals but also build a network of more engaged and dedicated fundraisers.

Here are 5 simple ways you can leverage fitness apps to boost fundraising for your nonprofit:

1.Encourage fundraisers to share their training milestones

It’s important that event participants understand the positive impact fitness activity logging can have on their fundraising totals. Make it part of your event strategy to share these benefits with your fundraisers and keep reminding them to log activity throughout the event training phase.

2. Make it easy to connect to fitness apps

Connecting a fitness app to your Everydayhero account is easy! Once your supporters are logged in, they can choose which app they would like to connect to within their account. For step-by-step instructions, view our guide here.

3. Encourage fundraisers to set themselves fitness goals

Highly motivated fundraisers are the most successful, and having a personal fitness goal to work towards has a big effect on commitment levels. What’s more, making those goals public and sharing each step of the journey to reaching them creates an even greater sense of achievement when those milestones are met.

4. Celebrate your fundraisers’ fitness progress

Remember that for this type of fundraiser, it’s as much about the personal journey they are undertaking as it is about the money they raise. Congratulating people at each stage of their journey and recognising them for their training efforts is a powerful motivational tool. Consider setting up an automated email strategy in which messages of support and encouragement are triggered when they log fitness activity.

5. Explore the untapped potential of virtual events

The majority of virtual events (VEs) are marathons, which research shows have the greatest fundraising potential when integrated with fitness apps. VEs also offer other benefits, removing the physical and practical barriers to participation and making it easier to get involved. What’s more, VEs have the potential to attract new and younger fundraisers and donors who prefer to fundraise on their own terms and at a time and place that’s convenient to them.

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