7 Behaviours to Encourage for Fundraising Success

Your fundraisers are a key driving force behind any fundraising campaign you run. They present themselves as your ambassadors, your advocates and the faces of your charity within their social networks and communities. They’ve made the decision to support your cause, to take on the responsibility to make a difference and raise much-needed funds. At the end of the day, their success is your success. While we know your fundraisers are passionate about your cause and eager to support you the best they can, we’ve identified 7 behaviours that you should be encouraging that will lead your fundraisers to even bigger success.

Uploading a Profile Photo

First and foremost, encourage your fundraisers to personalise their page. Uploading a profile picture is a great way to provide a visual connection for people visiting the page and helps create a sense of identity. Research from our data insights team revealed that 94% of star fundraisers upload a profile picture to their page.Supporter Page - Profile Photo

Posting Page Updates

Ever wondered what inspired someone to begin fundraising? Or how their fundraising journey is going? Page updates are a great way for your fundraisers to share all this and more with their friends, family and broader networks. Encouraging your fundraisers to post regularly also shows they have a high level of engagement and demonstrates to their donors that they’re committed to the cause.

Sharing Their Page

Sharing is caring. Not only is sharing their page a good way to connect with their social networks, but it also helps spread the word about your cause and opens up more opportunities for people to donate. Star fundraisers alone are sharing their page on average 7 times on Facebook, 4 times on Twitter and 4 times through email. This high number of shares shows they aren’t afraid to reach out and make the ask. In contrast, those who raise little to no funds are usually only sharing their page once across all platforms.


Nothing says commitment like a self-donation. Encourage your fundraisers to get the ball rolling and set the standard for donations they want to follow. Across all active fundraisers in one of our biggest community events, 61% made a self-donation with an average amount of $130.

Create/Join a Team

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, using teams is a great way to improve your fundraising. To learn more about the great benefits teams offer read our Leveraging Teams for Fundraising Success” blog post. Or if you want to go one step further, encourage your fundraisers to take on the responsibility of team leader and check out how team leaders stack up against others when it comes to fundraising in our Team Leader blog post.

Connect with Fitness Apps

Particularly if you’re participating in a major community event, getting your supporters connecting their pages to fitness apps is key. As our giving footprint suggests, giving goes far beyond money, and connecting with fitness apps is a great way to show how your fundraisers are giving their time and effort. Also, it makes for a great page update! Strava and MapMyFitness

Thank Donors

Finally, but most importantly, encourage your fundraisers to thank their donors. Closing the loop is important and will leave donors feeling valued for their contribution. And we know that donors who feel valued and appreciated will be more inclined to become a repeat donor.