Why do we charge service fees?

Why do we charge service fees?

Everydayhero’s mission is to make giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable for charities, supporters, and donors. Through our giving technology and partnerships with major community events, charities of all sizes can access greater reach and awareness, as well as enhanced fundraising capabilities.

The service fees associated with donations through our platform cover a range of operating costs to allow Everydayhero to provide quality software to our charity partners. These include:
  • Continual development and maintenance of our solutions to ensure charities get the best out of their membership;
  • Staffing our teams to build and improve our software as well as supporting the charities, supporters and donors in their fundraising;
  • Administration including receipting, donation processing and disbursements of funds;
  • Risk management including platform security, fraud detection, data protection and legal compliance.


Summary of EDH fees Summary of Channel Fees
Standard Membership: 6.5% MasterCard and Visa: 1% + $0.23 ($78 avg gift)
Heroix Peer-to-Peer Membership: 5.95% AMEX: 1.80% + $0.23 ($123 avg gift)
Heroix Appeals Membership: 3.95% PayPal: 1.1% + $0.53 ($62 avg gift)
Donor Pay Website Donations: 1.4%

New Zealand

Summary of EDH fees Summary of Channel Fees
Standard Membership: 5.5% MasterCard and Visa: 1.1% + $0.23 ($78 avg gift)
Heroix Peer-to-Peer Membership: 5% AMEX: 2.45% + $0.23 ($123 avg gift)
Heroix Appeals Membership: 3.95% PayPal: 2.7% + $0.45
Donor Pay Website Donations: 1.4%
Offsetting the costs of fundraising is possible through several features built into the platform:
  • Donor Uplift offers the donor the opportunity to add 5% to the donation value to help offset the platform costs. 74% of donors are electing to do this, lifting revenue by 3.65%.
  • PayPal (Australia only) now sees 20% of the value of gifts. Attracting a young demographic, its convenient for mobile use, and is regarded as safe and secure. Based on our analysis, this adds 4.5% of new value to the donations totals.
  • Donor Re-engagement tracks abandoned donations and emails the donor with a link to complete the donation. Our statistics show that 4% return to complete, adding 0.7% uplift to the total donations.
  • Our new ‘Get Started Wizard’ guides fundraisers through page set-up, and is showing an uplift in donation revenue of 4%.
  • Everydayhero’s Supporter Page empowers your supporters to upload blog updates, photos, video, thank their donors, and take their family and friends on their fundraising journey.
  • Clever social media technology encourages each post to be shared, which drives more awareness and more donations.
  • The MapMyFitness (and now Strava and Fitbit) integrations are strongly aligned with challenge and endurance fundraising. Did you know that supporters who use MMF raise on average 46% more than those who did not?
In a nutshell, these services fees help us provide the best solution and the best service for you to support the causes you care about. That is also why Everydayhero is a trusted platform and Australia’s and New Zealand’s favourite online fundraising partner.