Boosting donation revenue can be a walk in the park

  How Parkinson’s Victoria increased donation revenue by 27% through Everydayhero’s automated, behavioural communications strategy.

The Campaign

A Walk in the Park is Australia’s largest community event dedicated to improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease. The annual walkathon is Parkinson’s Victoria’s signature fundraising event and has been running successfully for nine years.

The Challenge

  Acquiring more participants and donors can be one of the largest challenges for any annual fundraising event, let alone one that’s in its ninth year. Parkinson’s Victoria needed to implement new and innovative ways to motivate and engage participants throughout the campaign lifecycle, while raising the average value of each participant.

The Partnership

A strong communications strategy is essential to the success of any fundraising event. In previous years, the only consumer communications scheduled for A Walk in the Park was a digital newsletter, emailed directly to event participants. This year, Parkinson’s Victoria recognised the need to incentivise participants to ensure their fundraising journey was successful. To boost donation revenue and keep participants up-to-date with key campaign milestones, Parkinson’s Victoria invested in Everydayhero’s Fundraiser Coaching Program. By implementing behavioural automation that is specifically focused on optimising fundraising, this program builds a dynamic supporter journey tailored to each participant. The custom coaching program for A Walk in the Park was comprised of a six-week communication schedule, implemented via direct email, supporter page messaging and SMS. Everydayhero worked closely with Parkinson’s Victoria to customise all aspects of the program and ensure that campaign branding and messaging seamlessly aligned with the Parkinson’s Victoria brand.  

“After a milestone eDM, the jump in donation revenue the next day was incredible.”  Sonya Kennedy, Executive Manager, Marketing & Development at Parkinson’s Victoria

  Behavioural triggers were scheduled to correlate with key milestones throughout the fundraising journey. This strategy analysed each participant’s individual progress to recognise their efforts and incentivise them to reach their next milestone. For example, to encourage participants to meet their first fundraising milestone, they received behavioural messaging that incentivised them to raise $25 and receive a free A Walk in the Park t-shirt.

The Results

  Despite a decrease in event registrations, a Walk in the Park raised $260,000 against a $185,000 revenue target, exceeding expectations and resulting in a 27% year-on-year increase. Parkinson’s Victoria also saw an uplift in fundraising page activation rates, as well as an increase in the average total raised funds per fundraising page by $54.58. Through Everydayhero’s Fundraiser Coaching Program, Parkinson’s Victoria achieved higher email open and click through rates, resulting in more engaged supporters and higher levels of page activation.  

“Parkinson’s Victoria highly recommends Everydayhero’s automated program. The program supported our participant journey strategy, and whilst we were nervous at first, we could see the fundraising results in the lead up to the event. Being able to celebrate exceeding our fundraising target in front of 3,000 people on the day, was a significant achievement.”

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