A brand new donation experience

We are very excited to announce that our new and improved donation form went live in Australia this October! This form has been designed to provide a world-class donor experience, improve completion rates, and in turn, help our charity partners raise more. Donating online is one of the most important interactions people have with you, which is why we have conducted extensive research to ensure your donors have the best possible experience. Our Head of Products Manager, Anthony Frew explains;

“Busy donors want to support their friends before an interruption happens. They want to do this anywhere, anytime – from whatever device is in their hand….While we can’t avoid life’s distractions we can make the donation experience faster and simpler. “

Our product team has been working hard to provide a streamlined donor experience. Any possible friction points have been reduced which has allowed for quicker completion rates and increased donation revenue. Insights from the form’s release in Ireland a few month’s ago have been extremely positive showing improved completion rates, increased average donation value, increased donor opt-in and excellent donor feedback.

“In Ireland we have achieved 10% higher completion rates through streamlining the form. We believe this has been achieved primarily through removing the anxieties and mental roadblocks donors feel when donating by breaking the donation form into smaller, easier steps.” – Mr Frew

Since the launch of this new donation form in New Zealand in June 2017, we are thrilled to say that 81% of donors chose to cover the fees for the charity (vs 72% previously) and that the average donation is up 42% compared to the same time last year. We also saw a 37% increase of donors opting into charity communications.

New Donation Form Key Features

  • Easier to understand, simple steps that reduce the barriers to donating.
  • Natively designed for mobile devices to support giving anywhere, anytime.
  • More visibility for your charity logo and branding, all the way to the new donation receipts, increasing your brand awareness in the market.
  • Immediate anchoring of a donation made to the total fundraising goal via the progress bar. This visual helps the donor see exactly how much impact their donation is making.
  • Improved Donor Cover, allowing donors to fully offset transaction fees so that you receive 100% of their intended gift.
  • Improved regular giving and donor opt-in features, leading to more lasting relationships with donors.
  • New, redesigned, thank you page.
To learn more about how this new form came to life and how it will improve your donors’ experience, watch as Luke Brooker, our Product Designer, tells you all about it in the short video below! Innovation and continual improvement of the user experience are our top priorities here at Everydayhero and ensure we remain leaders within the global peer-to-peer fundraising landscape. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, please consult our knowledge base.