Case Study: Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge

How Himalayan Trust NZ boosted their fundraising revenue through their first online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with Everydayhero.

The Campaign

The Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge was the first major online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for Himalayan Trust NZ. The challenge encouraged participants to climb 8848m – the height of Mount Everest – to help raise funds for remote mountain communities in Nepal. This campaign was inspired by a group of supporters who ran a similar campaign with a non-branded fundraising page on Everydayhero.

This year, the trust decided to take ownership of the campaign and run it as their first major online peer-to-peer fundraising event.

For this campaign, Everydayhero provided a custom-built website, specifically tailored to Himalayan Trust’s event goals. The custom website featured Everydayhero’s latest addition to the fitness tracker functionality – elevation. This feature enabled elevation data logged on individual fundraising pages to be pulled through to the goal tracker, allowing participants to see their efforts collectively and individually on a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition.
In addition to this, the fitness tracker, Strava, was exclusively selected as the only third party application enabled during sign-up to encourage fitness app connection at the point of registration. This decision was based on research that shows fundraisers who share fitness activities tend to raise more money than those who don’t.

This is particularly noticeable in Australia where fundraisers who share their fitness journey raise 4% more on average. Those who did not want to sign-up using Strava also had the option to do so via email. To learn more about how to leverage fitness apps and grow your fundraising, download our ebook.

The campaign website also included Everydayhero’s recently released digital solution – Custom Sign-up. This feature integrates Everydayhero’s sign-up form with the event website, allowing registrants to create their fundraising page through a seamless, event-branded experience.

The Results!

Customer Testimonial

“For us, it’s definitely been worth making the investment to build a custom campaign website with Everydayhero.

We plan on running this event every year, so ensuring that we have a model that is user friendly and easy to use was very important to us.”

Linda Broom – Public Engagement Manager Himalayan Trust NZ