Run Melbourne

Run Melbourne

Event date: Sunday July 29, 2018
Registrations Open: Now
Fundraising Open: Now

Event Profile

Run Melbourne, presented by Lululemon is more than just a “fun run”. For your supporters, it is an opportunity to give, by raising funds for a cause close to their hearts. Over ten years, Run Melbourne has raised $14 million for more than 400 charities and have set their sights high for 2018 with a $2 million target! Run Melbourne is a great way for your supporters to promote healthy living and fitness, participate in a major community event, and raise funds for your cause. Encourage your supporters to take part in either the 5km run/walk, 10km run or Half-Marathon.

How to set up a Run Melbourne supporter page

Setting up an online supporter page in Run Melbourne is easy – even if your organisation isn’t a featured charity.
Step 1: Register as an event participant online at the Run Melbourne official website.
Step 2: During the registration process, participants will be prompted to set up an online fundraising page for a featured charity or to complete their registration and visit the Run Melbourne fundraising website to select a non-featured charity.
Step 3: Once registration has been completed, they will automatically be taken to their new Everydayhero supporter page or will need to visit the fundraising website mentioned above to set up their page.
Step 4: They will then need to personalise their page with a profile photo and let everyone know why they’re supporting your charity.
Step 5: Finally, they will need to share their unique supporter page link with friends, family and colleagues via email and social media.

TOP TIP: If you are a non-featured charity we recommend acquiring fundraisers before they have registered for the event to ensure that they choose your charity to fundraise for. To help activate your supporters you can request a unique start fundraising charity url from our Customer Success Team which preselects your charity for your supporters. You can then send this out to your supporter database via email. Just ensure you remind them to register for the actual event!

Asking your supporters to compete for you

It’s easy to make the most of the event opportunity. It all begins with asking your supporters to take part and support you by giving their effort and time. Make sure you ask:
  • Past supporters who have run, walked, ridden or swam for you previously
  • Both your one off and regular donors, by offering them another way they can support you with their effort
  • Your volunteers
  • Your charity’s staff
To make it really easy to ask them to participate, download an email template.

Setting up a charity team

Setting up a fundraising team is a great way to build a sense of community for all your supporters in the event. Once you’ve created your charity team, make sure you invite anyone supporting you in the event to join. Need help setting up a charity team? download our guide here.

Everydayhero Supporter Communications Schedule

With all our Major Community Events we coach fundraisers via a series of Emails, SMS or Messaging communications depending on the event*. See below the planned automated behavioural communications for Run Melbourne 2018.

*We still encourage you to follow our Major Community Event Fundraising guide below to make the most of this great fundraising opportunity. By communicating directly with your supporters you are better able to develop your supporter relations and improve retention rates.

Want to brand/customise the above supporter coaching communications? or need help engaging your supporters? Don’t forget we have Automated Behavioural Email Coaching ProgramsSMS Messaging and Supporter Page Messaging available to you.

Charity resources

Supporter Engagement

We recommend that you engage with your supporters by encouraging and thanking them for fundraising for your charity as part of their participation in Run Melbourne 2018. If you need help with your supporter engagement we have a dedicated Professional Services Team full of digital fundraising experts ready to help!