Velothon Sunshine Coast


Event date: 13-16 July, 2017
Registrations Open: Now
Fundraising Open: Now


Event Profile

The ultimate winter cycling escape to the sun, bringing together a stunning riding location, dream race set-up and a world class rider experience on and off the bike. Where one day of riding is never enough and you can immerse yourself in everything you love about cycling during the biggest cycling event on the planet.

Whether you’re professional, ride for the love of it, or want to set your sites on winning King of the Mountain, Sprint, or the Stage, Velothon Sunshine Coast is for you.

How to set up a Velothon Sunshine Coast supporter page

Setting up an online supporter page in the Velothon Sunshine Coast is easy – after registration, your supporters can choose to fundraise for you by creating an Everydayhero supporter page:

Step 1: Register as an event participant online at the Velothon Sunshine Coast Event website.
Step 2: After the registration process, participants will be prompted to set up an online supporter page as part of their run.
Step 3: Set up your new Everydayhero supporter page.
Step 4: Personalise your page with a profile photo and tell everyone why you’re supporting your chosen charity.
Step 5: Share your unique supporter page link with your friends, family and colleagues via email and social media.

Asking your supporters to compete for you

It’s easy to make the most of the event opportunity. It all begins with asking your supporters to take part and support you by giving their effort and time. Make sure you ask:
  • Past supporters who have run, walked, ridden or swam for you previously
  • Both your one off and regular donors, by offering them another way they can support you with their effort
  • Your volunteers
  • Your charity’s staff

Setting up a charity team

Setting up a fundraising team is a great way to build a sense of community for all your supporters in the event. Once you’ve created your charity team, make sure you invite anyone supporting you in the event to join. Need help setting up a charity team? download our guide here.

Charity resources

Supporter engagement

Everydayhero recommends that you engage with your supporters by encouraging and thanking them for fundraising for your charity as part of their participation in the Velothon Sunshine Coast. To learn more about the services Everydayhero offers to help you acquire, activate fundraisers and convert past donors get in touch online.