Everydayhero and Imagine Corporation launch Points4Purpose

Loyalty programs are a huge, untapped opportunity for Australian charities. The numbers speak for themselves: 3 out of 4 Aussies are members of at least one loyalty program, collectively amassing billions of points annually which can then be spent across a wide-range of retailers and experiences. But did you know that a large proportion of those points go unused, expiring before we have the chance to spend them?

Thanks to a new platform developed by Imagine Corporation and integrated with Everydayhero, Aussies will now be able to use their points for the greater good. Points4Purpose is a potential game-changer and the concept is simple: instead of letting your unused points go to waste, donate them to your favourite social cause instead.

Points4Purpose: what you need to know

Points4Purpose is launching with multiple prestigious partners on board. More partners will be announced in the coming months, but with these two alone, charities will have instant access to millions of Australians.

What’s more, consumer research shows that there is a genuine appetite for the concept. A 2014 consumer study found that 65% of loyalty program members want to share their benefits with friends, family or charity. What’s been missing to date is a simple and convenient method by which to do so.

Card holders have two options to take advantage of the Points4Purpose program: donate their dormant points to charities, or make a donation to receive loyalty points.

The process of converting points into donations using the Points4Purpose platform is simple:

Step One: members log in to their loyalty program platform to spend their points. They are offered the option to redeem points for a Points4Purpose digital voucher.

Step Two: once the voucher is received, the donor is then directed to the Points4Purpose website to register their details and makes a donation to their chosen charity using the voucher.

Step Three:: Everydayhero processes the donation and issues a tax receipt to the donor. The donation is then remitted by Everydayhero to the chosen charity.

How nonprofits can get involved

Points4Purpose will be available to all charity partners from April 2018. Want to know more about the platform? Visit the Points4Purpose website or get in touch at nonprofits@everydayhero.com.au