6 steps to harness the power of your social media influencers

It is likely that over the years, you have received support from some amazing individuals out there who are just as dedicated to your cause as you are. These are individuals who have a spark, decide to take action and are extremely successful in mobilising their networks to get behind them. Here at everydayhero, we call them your stars. Fundraisers who go above and beyond to inspire others to get up and support you. They may be one-time or regular donors, volunteers, event participants or fundraisers, but regardless of who they are, they have one thing in common: they are message catalysts with the power to amplify your online campaigns. These social influencers are the key to spreading the word about your cause, and turning them into campaign ambassadors is more important than ever. Here’s how you can utilise their power to boost your online campaigns:

1. Identify them:

When it comes to advocating your message, there is no one who can deliver and promote your message as effectively as your supporters. There’s a good chance they are already your email lists or CRM, but you still need to identify them. Taking cues from the way that a fundraiser or donor connects with social media apps like facebook and twitter, creates and manages their team pages and posts images or videos onto their page, can help you to identify potential social ambassadors. These influencers might be tweeting, sharing or posting about your campaigns already and you haven’t noticed. Here, make sure to utilise your data and take the time to really investigate social media conversations around your cause.

2. Have a plan:

Once you have identified them, make sure to understand why they feel passionate about your cause and what you can do to support them. Creating an Ambassador program will allow you to know how and when you’re going to connect with them. Do you have a big online campaign coming up? Make sure to ask them for ideas about how to inspire and mobilise others to take action. For example, when your campaign begins, send your key influencers a toolkit with sample Facebook posts, tweets, and other messages to share. It’s easy to do and will not only keep them highly engaged but their networks too!

3. Connect with them on social:

As we move towards social media and online marketing, word-of-mouth is key to achieving your fundraising goals. One of the specificities of influencers is that they are generally active across all, if not most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Give your ambassadors a simple, yet important mission – spread the word about your cause to their social media networks. Give them access to content, images and badges to utilize in their posts. Make sure they are tagging you in their posts and even create a hashtag for them to use as this may largely increase your visibility. You can also be more creative and give them some merchandise and hand them a camera. You never know what they can capture and it’s great exposure for you too! Encourage them to share clips or images on their social media networks.

4. Ask for Feedback:

Ambassadors are a great sounding board for new ideas and a reflection of what your supporters look and feel like. Don’t be afraid to ask them for feedback about your campaigns and events before, during and after. It’s valuable insights like these that will ensure you maximise the chances of running a successful campaign. Their feedback might include elements of what worked for them, what didn’t and some fresh new suggestions. This will allow you to learn and make improvements for next time.

5. Thank Them

Giving feels good. So showing them exactly how their voice, efforts and time contributed to the success of your campaign will help them to feel valued. Not only will they be more likely to participate in future campaigns, they will feel especially motivated to spread the word and actively encourage their networks to do the same. With your end of year appeals just around the corner, now is the time to really connect with your social ambassadors. It’s the one thing you need to do today to boost your fundraising well into the future.