How good branding improves your fundraising

Building and maintaining relationships with your supporters in an increasingly noisy and competitive world is more important than ever. The truth is, as you grow and evolve over time, it can be easy to lose sight of your brand and how it speaks to your supporters. It’s the marketing question you need to be asking yourself more often, because using the same imagery, logos and language in your custom communications day in, day out, can get a little tired. The last thing you want is supporters getting bored of your message. With this in mind, could reviewing your branding really be the key to raising more? And just how important is it to your fundraiser and donor acquisition and retention strategy?

Stand out from the crowd

It’s harder than ever to get through to your supporters and, with the popularity of social media, email, texting, and other real-time media, nonprofits need to build a stronger set of communications skills to get their message across in this ever changing, noisy environment. By creating a good brand presence, not only will you differentiate yourself from other nonprofits within the same cause area, but your donors and fundraisers will also have a stronger understanding of your mission and value.

Look good, raise more

As all communications materials become more consistent, supporters are more likely to recognise and connect your materials or events and are more likely to connect with your cause. Good branding is key to establishing yourself in a professional manner, thus increasing your credibility and encouraging donors to feel confident when supporting your cause. Greater clarity and consistency when producing fundraising communications materials can be the difference between looking like a ‘novice’ and communicating with legitimacy and integrity. When you communicate with authority and confidence, donors respond, which means you raise more!

Reach and engage the right people

Our identity helped us attract enthusiastic fundraisers and passionate donors. It also injects elements of ‘fun’ and creates ‘community’ in your brand personality and is key to generating inspiration and drumming up ongoing support. Here, great branding will make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to capture the attention of those who support you, and those who are yet to know about all the wonderful things you do!

Greater staff engagement

We all know that branding has a massive impact on the number of supporters, volunteers and event participants you attract. But just how effectively do your staff produce materials on your behalf? Is there room for improvement? When your internal messaging is highly-engaging, inspirational and consistent, staff become more passionate than ever about your cause and are more effective being creative and producing great communications.  

Clean up your image

We’ve all been there, rushing to create a communications piece that effectively engages supporters. Sadly, it can be all too easy to then go off brand and end up being messy and confusing for your supporters. Reviewing your brand strategy can be a great opportunity to get rid of assets that were created without any real strategy or rationale in mind. It may just be the key to overcoming confusion, particularly when trying to engage your donors. Every effective marketing strategy aims to inspire others to adopt your vision and goals and remain passionate and motivated long-term, using the power of branding to smash your fundraising goals now, and into the future. The rewards will be worth it. Want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!