Inside Look: How Melbourne’s Signature Sleepover Event Grew 104% in One Year

A crisis is growing in Victoria in 2019: Over 6,000 homeless young people are without a safe place to sleep each night. And if that’s not bad enough, in addition to living on the streets, Victoria’s homeless youth experience hunger, violence, and abuse from family members and gangs.

Melbourne City Mission (MCM) understands this struggle and aims to give the homeless youth the opportunities they deserve.

As part of the organisation’s effort to build a youth crisis accommodation and services centre in Melbourne’s CBD, its annual Sleep at the ‘G event rallies together hundreds of participants to attend a fun-filled sleepover that includes education on homeless, mixed with live music, games, and prizes.

MCM had the goal, the aim, and the drive to succeed in 2018 but what they needed next was an upgraded fundraising system: one that was reliable, secure, and could power their growing event with ease.

The solution wasn’t simple…

For the 2018 campaign, MCM engaged our peer-to-peer digital services team for a custom solution. The system enabled supporters to easily register and raise money online, enhancing the user experience all the way through to the night of the event.

What resulted was nothing short of amazing

Sleep at the ‘G aimed for $600,000 in 2018. Not only did it reach that target, but nearly DOUBLED it, raising over $1 million in its first year partnering with Blackbaud.