Key fitness app insights to maximise fundraising success

It’s no secret that fitness integrations are proving to be a powerful fundraising tool.

Donations are increasing across the board as fundraisers share their training milestones with donors who are responding positively to their commitment and dedication.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a 2017 Fitness and Fundraising study that provides insights into how fitness integrations influence fundraising performance within the context of run walk ride (RWR) events.

The research analysed the activity of 855,000 Everydayhero users across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Ireland and the UK to better understand how the use of Strava, MapMyFitness and Fitbit, together with manual logging of fitness activities, affects fundraising success.

Here are our top five take outs from the study that are key to event success:

1. Runners lead the pack.

Fundraisers competing in running events are the most likely to track their activity. This is followed by those participating in walking, sport and riding events.

2. Sharing is caring.

Whether logged manually or via a fitness app, the practice of sharing fitness activity through a fundraising page is growing in popularity year on year. The most widely used method to track fitness activity is Strava, which has seen the strongest and most consistent growth in uptake.

3. And sharing is rising.

Fundraisers who share fitness activities raise more money than those who don’t. Those who post ten times or more increase their fundraising totals in line with their activity. It’s therefore important for fundraisers to share their efforts with as many people as possible via their network.

4. Higher page activation rates.

There’s a clear correlation between people sharing their training activities and activation rates (pages where more than $1 has been raised).

To tap into this opportunity, event organisers need to clearly communicate the importance and benefits of fitness app connections to their fundraisers. This is particularly important for marathon events in which fitness apps are the most under-utilised and yet have the greatest influence on page activation rates.

To learn more about how fitness apps can help to grow your fundraising potential, read the full study by downloading the ebook or registering for our webinar.