Leveraging Team Pages for Fundraising Success

Finding ways to elevate your fundraising is a constant battle many charities face, but what if the answer was as simple as creating a team page? City2Surf Team Page Recently, standard member account manager, Becc Spradau, held an online session about the benefits Team Pages can offer charities and the great success charities are seeing using this function. Here’s a recap of ‘Elevating your fundraising with Team Pages’. How do team pages benefit fundraisers:
  • Sense of Community – encourages fundraisers to feel as though they are part of something bigger, developing a connection with others.
  • Encouragement & Support – creates the opportunity for fundraisers to help inspire and motivate each other to achiever more and offers a network of support.
  • Sense of Accomplishment – helps fundraisers to achieve more by working together, and imposes a collective responsibility to reach their goal.
How to use team pages to benefit the charity:
  • Sharing the Vision – allows the event details, fundraising tips and reasons for fundraising to easily be shared with others.
  • Track Progress – ability to set a team fundraising goal for each event, with the ability to see in real time how you are progressing.
  • Promote Participation – share the stories of fundraisers captured in the aggregated team blog and invite others to ‘Join the Team’
  • Reporting – easily access your team fundraising data, accurately reporting where and how online funds are raised.
One of the best things with team pages is that they can be used to either promote your community in a Major Community Event (such as City2Surf for example), but also to promote your own “in-house” events. Think of it as some kind of a mini-campaign that you could use for your walkathons, fun runs, trivia nights, car rallies, cupcakes days and much more. It’s already proven that charities leveraging Team Pages raise more money in average than other charities. Hagar New Zealand is a great example of charities for whom Team Pages were successful. To learn more about how they exceed their fundraising goals thanks to Team Pages, you can watch the webinar recording.
“For us, we are small, we don’t have a lot of staff t spend on marketing and fundraising initiatives and for us, for the amount of time that we spent on organising this and the results that we got, it’s quite phenomenal. My assistant and I probably spent no more than 10 hours, total, on organising this , on communications on everything, getting the sausages for the BBQ at the end, and yet we ended up with $24,000. It seems a really cost effective way of fundraising, and it’s easy, really, really easy.” – Sarah Scott Webb  
Research has shown that supporters who are part of teams raise more money, so don’t wait and create your team pages today!