How to minimise event organisation headache

Anyone who has organised an event knows the amount of work that it represents and all the costs involved. Between making sure that you have all the permits approved, the road closures organised, the vendors booked or even organising portaloos, there is more than one source for possible headaches before, during and after the event. On the other hand, events are great for fundraising! They allow people to share their passion, all while having fun raising money and awareness for their favourite cause. So, what if you could get a fun and exciting event for your fundraisers without all the trouble of organising it? Virtual events are a new and innovative type of event where, virtually, anything and everything is possible. Imagine taking your fundraisers on a bike tour all over Australia, or on a walk around the Globe? In a traditional event format, that would be hard to organise, impossible even. But with the creation of a virtual event, the only limit is your imagination. Integrating virtual events with fitness applications such as MapMyFitness or Strava allows fundraisers to sync the distance they walk, run or cycle with their fundraising page. This progress can also be synced to a map of your choosing, which updates dynamically. Take the Great Southern Crossing for example. During the month of September, cyclists from all over Australia will attempt to cycle 5,200km per team, on a path taking them from Brisbane to Perth. All of that from their own neighbourhood. To sum it up, the greatest advantages of virtual events over traditional events are:
  • The possibility to offer new and exciting challenges to your fundraisers
  • The ability to have people from all over Australia participating in a single event
  • No logistics to take care of, freeing your time and your mind to focus on your fundraising activities
So now is time to get your team together and start brainstorming on what events would be best for you and your fundraisers!