How acquisition helped Motor Neurone Disease NZ raise more

Motor Neurone Disease NZ (MND NZ) supports those living with and affected by Motor Neurone Disease. Their fundraising program encourages supporters to get involved through their annual fundraising event, Walk 2 D’Feet MND. After running the event in 14 cities and towns nationwide, MND NZ were looking to explore more ways to achieve fundraising success.

The challenge of fundraiser acquisition

MND NZ utilised an external registration system which was not integrated with everydayhero’s fundraising platform. This meant that converting registrants into fundraisers was somewhat difficult. The team at everydayhero and Motor Neurone Disease NZ worked together to create a fully customised solution to maximise fundraising revenue and boost their peer-to-peer fundraising program. The solution was based on two key components, building a series of custom-branded websites and fundraising pages, and optimising fundraiser acquisition through Bulk Activation.

Developing a fully custom solution

In the months leading up to the Walk 2 D’Feet event, development sessions were organised with both teams working together to meet pre-defined objectives using experiences and feedback from past campaigns. The most successful elements then became the foundation for this new fundraiser acquisition strategy.

Custom-Branded Websites

Walk 2 D’Feet MND event built a series of microsites to encourage supporters to set up their own, custom-branded fundraising and team pages. The microsites were also a great opportunity to give more visibility to collective fundraising totals and to close the loop by demonstrating how every effort contributed to a real and measurable difference in the community. Custom reports also fed important data back into MND NZ’s CRM to provide real-time monitoring of key metrics and track the campaign progress against targets.

Fundraiser Acquisition & Bulk Activation

Research shows that by empowering registrants to create their own fundraising page, they feel a deeper connection to the cause and are likely to raise more alongside their registration. This is where capturing registrants at the very beginning of the process thanks to a custom registration flow has proven to be increasingly important for maximising event fundraising revenue and achieving event-based goals. A good communication is key to a successful campaign which is why, as part of the solution, a targeted communications plan sent tailored messages to all participants who hadn’t created an online fundraising page, encouraging them to ‘activate’ one on the everydayhero platform. To further increase fundraiser engagement, the everydayhero bulk activation tool was utilised to send two rounds of targeted communications with a clear and simple call-to-action for them to create and activate their online fundraising page.

Key Outcomes

In 2016, the Walk 2 D-feet MND event raised in excess of $115,000 online from a total of 241 fundraising pages which were created as part of the event. Using the everydayhero Bulk Activation tool, an average open rate of 67%, and an average engagement rate of 30% were recorded. More specially, the two bulk activation sends lead to an increase of 35% more fundraising pages and a 13% uplift in donation revenue. Overall, the campaign generated a $21.38 return on investment per dollar spend. Using targeted messaging proved to be particularly effective with a conversion rate twice as large as what we would normally see on most peer-to-peer campaigns. This was a fantastic result for MND NZ and a great opportunity to showcase the power of peer-to-peer fundraising.

Key insights

  • Fundraiser acquisition is still a challenge for signature events, but great results can be achieved with the right partners, tools and strategy.
  • Tailored communication solutions are key to activating fundraisers and encouraging them to raise more.
  • Event microsites provide custom branding opportunities and visibility over campaign totals
Overall, the initiative was a great success for MND New-Zealand, achieving its objectives while even exceeding expectations. A well planned and user-friendly fundraising campaign that incorporates peer-to-peer fundraising, donor acquisition and social media programme, is a vital part of an effective fundraiser acquisition strategy and is critical to achieving event-based revenue success. Have more questions or want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!