New Zealand Charities: Take These 4 Actions to Generate More Donations

New Zealand Charities: How to Get More Donations

Successful NZ charities are taking these four actions, and you can too.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is still on the rise and has now become a key part of most New Zealand charities.

In 2018, the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust’s Auckland Marathon team flew past the Multi-Charity Event benchmarks, raising over $130,000 in their first year.

And just this year, Ronald McDonald House Charities New Zealand® boosted their fundraising efforts across the entire spectrum, raising over $190,000, achieving a 96% conversion rate from registration, and garnering nearly 4,000 total donations.

These are some amazing results, but how can YOUR charity get in on the action?

Well, the secrets to this might not be glamourised, nor are they something you hear a lot about from the bigger, more popular charities, however, there are actions all the successful ones are taking, and that you can too.

When putting together a peer-to-peer fundraising strategy, giving supporters the opportunity to express themselves as they work toward a goal and share their journey with others makes all the difference. It’s all about the experience fundraisers have on their journey to raise money for you. Making sure they enjoy the process of raising money for you and that they have fun and feel acknowledged highly increases the likeliness that they will stay with you for life.

Here are four high-priority updates you should make to transform the way your fundraisers support you:

Generate friendly competition with Impact Boards

You’ve likely seen Impact Boards on fundraising event pages before, and for good reason…they’re essential to a successful fundraising event!

Impact Boards are vital for brand awareness and promoting your mission. They’re a great way to incorporate a modern, interactive (and frankly, amazing) website without breaking the bank.

You can use Impact Boards to:

  • Drive acquisition through a single, user-friendly point-of-entry
  • Foster friendly competition through Leaderboards
  • Acknowledge your event’s top supporters through Supporter Showcases
  • Highlight your best stats like kilometres trained, dollars raised, calories burned, fundraising goal progress.

Have a bigger budget? Talk to your Account Manager about an Event Package, or consider setting up a custom landing page or full website.

New Zealand fundraising Impact Board

A customised Impact Board website for Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Send emails triggered by fundraiser actions

Research at Blackbaud Everydayhero shows that fundraisers who receive timely and personalised fundraising communications reach their fundraising goal quicker.

Because of this, it’s vital to personalise your fundraiser communication at every step.

After analysing which key actions lead to a fundraiser’s success, we’ve designed dynamic email communications that are sent to users based on the actions they have or have not yet taken on their page. This includes updating their target, self-donating, and updating their story and photo.

In addition, our behavioural email program also has a specifically-designed post-event “celebrate” phase used to reinforce the difference the funds raised made for your organisation. Communicating the real-world impact of every dollar raised is one of the best ways to ensure year-on-year donor retention.

New Zealand fundraising mobile phone

An example of a dynamic supporter email reminding the fundraiser to share their story, which will help them raise over 4 times more.

Read more about our MCE Behavioural Communications Package.

Integrate fitness trackers like Fitbit and Strava

Everydayhero fundraising pages integrate with the most popular fitness tracking apps. This allows them to login with and use Fitbit, Strava or MapMyFitness to automatically track their walking, running, biking, or swimming progress directly on their page! This way, supporters can easily see the impact they’ve contributed to the overall goal.

If you want to learn more on the impact of fitness apps on fundraising results, check out our free ebook.

Fundraising fitness app integration

Jake Malby’s marathon progress automatically appeared on his Everydayhero page thanks to our Strava integration.

“For us, it’s definitely been worth making the investment to build a custom campaign website with Everydayhero. We plan on running this event every year, so ensuring that we have a model that is user friendly and easy to use was very important to us.”

Linda Broom, Public Engagement Manager, Himalayan Trust NZ

Read the full Himalayan Trust NZ case study.

Send text messages straight to your supporters’ pockets

People are messaging more today than ever before, with the number one messaging devices being smartphones. We ask: why aren’t more charities trying to reach their supporters there?

Think about this: when was the last time you did not read a text message you received on your phone? Not only do text messages have a nearly 100% open rate, but 82% of SMS recipients opening an SMS within only three minutes of receiving it.

Our Digital Project Lead, Becky Arthur, states,

“One of the main reasons why SMS is so effective is because people immediately check their phones. They don’t need to login to their email account or visit social media profiles to receive your message – it’s instantaneous and timely.”

Overall, SMS is a highly-effective, low-cost way to communicate with your supporters, with a very low opt-out rate so it would be a shame not to use it!

Great news! Everydayhero’s pages now support triggered SMS campaigns which allow sending of targeted, tailored messages similar to our very successful behavioural emails.

Keen to hear more? Talk to us!

Fundraising software in New Zealand mobile phone

Whether you’re a small charity or part of a much larger non-profit enterprise, what you’ll learn at bbcon 2019 will significantly help you make an impact on how you are making a positive impact on the world.

Using even just one of these methods can add an extra dimension to your fundraising. Combining them all for the full suite? Well, that’s one move that would take you to fundraising stardom for years to come!

We encourage you to visit our Services page to discover even more ways to boost your fundraising efforts using design, web development, supporter coaching, and more.

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