Planet Broadcasting’s Great Mate Campaign

What is Planet Broadcasting?

Planet Broadcasting is an Australian podcast and YouTube network, dedicated to “making the world a little bit better.” How do they aim to achieve this? Through high-quality audio content; podcasts made by creative and passionate people.

Planet Broadcasting was created by married couple James Clement and Claire Toni, and their old friend Nick Mason after the success of James’ YouTube channel, Mr Sunday Movies and podcast, The Weekly Planet.

The Campaign

Since 2016, with the help of their global online community, the Planet Broadcasting team have raised over $80,000 through Everydayhero for good causes. This year, the team set themselves a goal to raise $40,000 to improve the lives of women and girls living in poverty around the world.

To achieve this fundraising goal, the Everydayhero team connected Planet Broadcasting with CARE Australia – a leading international development organisation that works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty and created a custom co-branded campaign website to elevate the campaign.

“The campaign allows content creators to tell their audience that they care about social justice and create a sense of community by inviting them to contribute. It also enabled us to speak to a unique audience that would have been difficult to reach through traditional media channels.” 
Melinda Kenny, Head of Key Relationships, CARE Australia


When it comes to creating successful content creator-led fundraising campaigns, incentivisation is key. In exchange for a donation to the campaign, Planet Broadcasting decided to offer their donors bonus program content and access to an exclusive Q&A with the team. When making a donation, donors were encouraged to leave a question for the team in the donation message box. Towards the end of the campaign, the bonus content was delivered to donors via custom-branded email communications.

This initiative not only incentivised donations, but also enabled the team to build a stronger connection to their online community.

The Results

The 2018 Planet Broadcasting Great Mates campaign raised a total of $47,456 for CARE Australia, making it their most successful online fundraising campaign yet. The campaign received over 3,000 donations from donors in countries all around the globe. While the average donation amount was $15.35, there were numerous generous givers who made larger donations of up to $1,409.

“The donations exceeded our expectations. The team’s original target of $40,000 was ambitious so, to reach $47,456 is just incredible! The funds raised through this campaign will be used to support CARE Australia’s poverty-fighting work by helping to provide education and training, healthcare, clean water, and nutritious food to poor communities around the world.” 
Melinda Kenny, Head of Key Relationships, CARE Australia