The secrets to targeting corporates

The corporate market is a potentially lucrative space for charities. Lobbying businesses to field a team for your event or hold a fundraiser to support your cause is a nifty shortcut to success – instead of targeting one fundraiser at a time, you’re targeting dozens, even hundreds of potential supporters in one fell swoop. Understandably, it’s also an area that’s highly competitive. So what does it take to rise above the noise and get your cause noticed by workplace decision-makers? Here are a few valuable techniques that will help you navigate the path to corporate success.

Choose your target audience wisely.

Zeroing in on the right personnel will save you time and effort and get you a quicker answer. Forget trying to reach chief execs and managing directors – they’re often hard to get hold of and not always involved in the day-to-day activities of the business. In many offices, it’s the office managers or HR managers who are the gatekeepers to the staff. Give some thought to your approach – a polite and polished email or a well-designed piece of direct mail is more likely to bear fruit than a cold call.

Do your homework.

Conduct a little desktop research before you begin your outreach to establish which local businesses are most active in the fundraising space and will be most open to getting involved. Some organisations even have an allocation for charity work built into their employment contracts. Bear in mind that larger organisations who have a chosen charity might not have the flexibility to choose who they raise funds for.

Make it easy.

Your hit rate will improve exponentially if you make the process as seamless and simple as possible. Provide participating businesses with supporter packs so that they can let staff know about the opportunity and encourage them to participate. Include resources like:
  • Professionally-designed posters explaining how staff can get involved in the event/cause
  • Flyers to leave in communal spaces such as staff rooms
  • Email templates for office managers to circulate around their teams
  • Media resources, eg. high resolution logos, email footers and campaign imagery
  • Branded merch – stickers, tshirts, water bottles, snapbacks etc
Similarly, the fundraising process also needs to be easy and straightforward. EverydayHero’s team pages are designed for exactly this purpose. Corporate teams can easily link their individual fundraising pages to their team page and see at a glance their combined fundraising targets and progress. More importantly, they can share these pages with their online networks to facilitate instant donations.

Make it fun.

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to motivate supporters to go the extra mile. Encourage corporate teams to beat their business rivals in the fundraising stakes or, if you’re holding a sporting event, challenge each other on the course, field or court. Another smart move is to include some creative inspiration in your supporter packs. Suggest some quirky fundraising ideas to get them started, for example, organising a dress-up day with a gold coin donation, holding a desk-decorating competition or challenging your colleagues to a bake-off. The more fun they can have with it, the more likely they are to engage with the cause and achieve greater fundraising success.

Show your appreciation publicly.

As an added incentive for corporates to participate, offer them the opportunity to be part of your media campaign. Invite high-performing teams to your next media call or pitch a story on how they are supporting your cause to the local business news pages. Perhaps there’s a team member with a powerful personal link to your cause and who’s willing to share their story. Thanking corporates publicly for their philanthropy is not only great for their reputation, it also helps achieve coverage for your own cause so it’s a win-win. To find out more about the Everydayhero platform’s team features, contact us!