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Support for the everydayhero® platform will end on 30th November, 2020. You can continue peer-to-peer fundraising with Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising™, powered by JustGiving®, which is completely free of any subscription fees. Learn more.

If you wish to register with Everydayhero to participate in a 2020 mass participation event, please contact us at help@everydayhero.com.au.

More than just a fundraising platform.

Take your fundraising campaigns to the next level by leveraging our dedicated services team. Designers, web developers, UX experts, you name it! They will work with you to increase your reach and grow your donations.

DIY fundraising

Giving Hubs

Everydayhero’s Giving Hubs are fully-branded solutions to dynamically consolidate all your online fundraising campaigns to one online location

In Memory Fundraising

Everydayhero’s In Memory Solution provides a compassionate fundraising journey for your most vulnerable supporters. This solution includes a purpose-built landing page or website, sign-up flow, tribute/supporter page and thank-you page. Custom automated communications can also be included at an additional cost.

Signature Events

Custom Landing Page

Our team can design and implement a fully customised landing page to help you acquire more participants in your events. Leverage some of our API driven widgets to display fundraising progress and raise more money for your cause.

Custom Website

Need a complete website built for your event? Our team can help you every step of the way, from the idea to the design and execution.

Registration Build

Create a seamless supporter journey by using a custom registration flow integrated with the Everydayhero platform.

Custom Signup

Make sure your supporter’s journey is consistently branded from start to finish using our custom sign up flows which allow for quick sign-up through Facebook, Strava, and MapMyFitness.

Custom Thank You Page

Close the loop with a custom, branded thank you page. Let your donors know what their gift will be used for and start creating what could be a long-term relationship with them.

Virtual Event

Virtual events remove the physical barriers of traditional events and allow you to acquire supporters anywhere, at any time. Research shows that Virtual Events bring new and younger participants to organisations.

Major Community Events

MCE Impact Board

Designed especially for you to display the collective fundraising effort of your supporters, Impact Boards are a great way to create a true sense of community & boost your fundraising success!

MCE Behavioural Communications Package

Improve Major Community Event fundraising outcomes and cultivate stronger connections with your supporters with our MCE Behavioural Communications Package. Each communication is tailored to each recipient, leading to higher open rates, click throughs and fundraising results.

Agency & Communications

Event Optimisation Workshop

To optimise your events, delight your supporter, and grow your fundraising outcomes, enquire about our Event Optimisation Workshops.

Automated Supporter Coaching

Our Fundraiser Coaching Email Programs build dynamic journeys for each participant using behavioural automation specifically created to optimise fundraising.

SMS Messaging

SMS campaigns are a great way to turn event participants into active fundraisers at a very low cost. Used with email communications, they are a great way to make your fundraising events a success.