Major Community Event Communication Package

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Research shows fundraisers who receive timely and highly personalised communications reach their fundraising goal quicker

Our Major Community Event Behavioural Communication Package is branded with your charity banner, colours, name, and content with early analysis showing an increase in fundraising results of around 10%.

This package is designed to help improve fundraising outcomes, as well as cultivate stronger connections between you and your fundraisers leading to improved retention and charity loyalty.

Package Details:

  1. Welcome Email Series:
    Day 1 and Day 3 communications back from fundraising page creation.
    Description: The goal of these communications is to promote on-page actions that have been proven to increase fundraising outcomes. For example, add a profile picture, update your story, donate to your page or share your page.
  2. Activation Email Series:
    Email communications 4, 2 and 1 week out from event date + 1 week post-event.
    Description: The goal of these communications is to keep fundraisers engaged and excited about the upcoming event. Content includes event information, community initiatives and how-to tips with each communication containing a fundraising call-to-action.
  3. Milestone Email Series:
    25%, 50%, 100% of goal or $100, $250 and $500 achieved (or a combination of both).
    Description: The goal of these communications is to acknowledge and inspire fundraisers to reach their fundraising target. Content can include incentives, such as prizes, for reaching certain targets. These communications have been shown to be highly effective at helping to reach desired fundraising outcomes.
Investment: $3700 + GST

This package includes:
  • Emails and segmentation listed on website
  • Custom banner and colour theme to suit charity brand
  • Cause/incentive specific content
  • Mobile responsive email template
  • End of campaign review
This package does not include:
  • Customised journey (IE. Number of emails sent/segmentation)
  • Custom HTML email template
  • Communications check in reports
Please Note:
  • Communications are not sent retrospectively i.e any pages created before the program goes live will not receive your welcome series.
  • Your communications will override any event communications scheduled for the same day, however, your fundraisers will receive these if they fall on a different day. If you would prefer for your fundraisers to only receive your branded communications, please let our Services team know when they get in touch.

“After a Milestone eDM, the jump in donation revenue the next day was incredible”

– Sonya Kennedy, Executive Manager, Marketing & Development, Parkinson’s Victoria –