Major Community Event Impact Boards

A powerful tool to share your collective impact

Designed especially for you to display the collective fundraising effort of your supporters in Major Community Events, Impact Boards are a great way to create a true sense of community & boost your fundraising success! Closing the loop with Impact Boards leaves your supporters feeling motivated by the visibility of their success. Nurturing these highly engaged supporters will lead to better fundraising results and a greater bond being created between the charity and their supporters. Impact Boards also give you top line visibility over your own charity’s volume and revenue, without the need to regularly run reports or create a charity team page.

Raise more, effortlessly

Impact Boards utilise our API to visually represent your community, showing fundraisers that their individual efforts are part of something bigger. Key metrics are displayed creatively to inspire and motivate:
  • Kms trained
  • Dollars raised
  • Calories burned
  • Progression to fundraising goal
  • Individual & team supporter leaderboards
  • Supporter gallery

Key Features

  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Customise your widgets to display your results as you wish
  • Use it as a stand alone website to direct support
  • Can be embedded on your own website for more visibility
  • Customise the link to facilitate team participation
  • Can be delivered in less than a week

Want to know more about MCE Impact Boards? Simply leave your details below and we’ll get in touch!