8 Steps to a Successful DIY Fundraising Program in 2019

8 Steps to Successful DIY Fundraising in 2019

One of the most unique and empowering ways to enable your supporters to contribute to your charity is with an always-on fundraising campaign.

Known as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Fundraising, people can choose from a menu of your organisation’s initiatives on Everydayhero.com, then raise money for you in any way they’d like. The best part about a DIY Fundraising program: Everydayhero charity members of any type can set one up!

What makes a DIY Fundraising Program different?

DIY Fundraising is fundamentally different. DIY supporters want to do more than write a check for your organisation. They’re motivated, caring, self-driven, and truly passionate about supporting your cause in a way they choose themselves.

And through the years, we’ve certainly seen some interesting initiatives!

In 2011, Jacob French trekked from Perth to Sydney in stormtrooper gear to raise $100,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

12-year-old animal lover Isabel Dow single-handedly raised over $7,500 for Australia Zoo. As part of an effort to save an injured sea turtle, Isabel ran triathlons, completed read-a-thons, and even spoke at charity dinners.

And in 2018, Jimmy Ashby cycled 29,000km around the world in memory of his grandmother who he lost to Motor Neuron Disease. Jimmy set himself the challenge of raising one dollar for each kilometer he travelled, eventually raising over $32,000.

Unique fundraising idea 2019

Jacob French was recognised worldwide for his $100,000 stormtrooper trek across Australia

Why start a DIY Fundraising program?

DIY Fundraising can be extremely powerful for both fundraising and brand awareness. Before we get into how to build a fundraising program, let’s discover more tangible benefits of DIY Fundraising and why you should consider it for your organisation.

  • Cater to the evolving fundraising landscape
  • Traditional events like walking, running, and swimming simply don’t perform as well or catch people’s interest like they used to. DIY Fundraisers are always unique since it’s up to the supporters to create their own fundraising idea and activity.

  • DIY Fundraisers generate more
  • On average, DIY Fundraisers generate twice the donations and donation revenue as Multi Charity Events, and three times that of Single Charity Events.

  • Unrestricted creativity
  • Organisation-driven events tend to be prescriptive and restrictive, instructing supporters on when, where, and how they must participate. A DIY program allows supporters to leverage their passion and skill to create a project they love on their own timeline.

    Art gallery fundraising

    Isobar Art Exhibition holds an annual art gallery to support The Smith Family

  • Encourage supporters through independence
  • People are increasingly self-motivated and self-creating. By starting a DIY Fundraising program, you activate and motivate your fans: the true everyday heroes.

  • Attract a new audience
  • A DIY program can work very well alongside event fundraising. Your existing supporters may be interested in participating in a DIY system, though it’s likely you’ll also attract a brand new audience excited to take initiative and launch their own idea into the world.

These are only a few reasons why it’s important to consider a DIY Fundraising program. Now let’s look at the key elements to building the best one possible.

How to build a DIY Fundraising Program: the 8 key essentials

1. Keep it simple

Getting involved with your charity should be as simple as possible for potential supporters. Eliminate excess web pages, use clear instructions, and ensure you have a single point of entry so that supporters don’t get confused.

2. Clearly communicate your cause and its impact

Your cause is what attracted your fundraisers to your organisation in the first place! Retain your fundraisers’ trust by clearly stating your cause and its impact on your website, social media, and marketing materials.

3. Become a source of inspiration

Your potential fundraisers may need a boost in getting started. Help spark ideas by sharing stories of those who have raised for you in the past, as well as unique ideas for how to start fundraising. Tip: we’ve included some unique ideas at the bottom of this post!

4. Provide clear calls-to-action

If it’s not easy to get involved, potential supporters will lose interest quickly. Use website buttons labelled “Start Fundraising,” “Get Involved,” or “Become a Supporter,” then make sure users can get signed up straight away on the next page.

Beyond Blue fundraising calls-to-action

Clear calls-to-action make the difference in helping your supporters get started (source: BeyondBlue.com)

5. Create a feeling of community

People want to see they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. Excite and inspire your supporters by integrating fully-branded leaderboards, supporter galleries, and live statistic panels. See an example on City2Surf’s 2019 campaign website.

Fundraising leaderboard for City2Surf 2019 City2Surf participants can see how they rank against others leading up to the 2019 event

6. Prioritise security

Use a platform or tool that’s PCI compliant, safe, and has a good reputation. If your fundraisers don’t feel confident, they won’t use it, and if their donors don’t feel confident, they won’t donate.

7. Acknowledge supporters and donors

Show gratitude to your fundraisers at every opportunity. Successful charities also create educational resources, showing fundraisers how they can increase donations and how their funds are utilised.

8. Keep brand awareness front-of-mind

Ensure your message reaches far and wide by keeping your branding consistent across all of your fundraiser touchpoints. This includes your company website, social media, promotional products, and Everydayhero pages. Ensure your brand is represented at its best to help current supporters remember you and future supporters discover you.

Easily create your very own DIY Fundraising Hub with our DIY Essentials Package

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