Team CatWalk Exceeds Fundraising Benchmarks in First Auckland Marathon Event

Committed to a world free from spinal cord injury paralysis, the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust was formed in 2005 after founder and leading international equestrian rider Catriona Williams suffered a riding accident which left her paralysed in all four limbs and confined to a wheelchair.

Forming Team CatWalk, community fundraisers would walk, run, and wheel in New Zealand’s Auckland Marathon 2018 to raise much-needed funds for spinal cord injury sufferers. For their first year, CatWalk sought to recruit and engage participants, increase active fundraiser conversion (raise more than $1 on their fundraising page), and set first-year benchmarks for average donations per page, average gift amount, and average value per fundraiser page.

The Community Effect

Blackbaud Everydayhero was called on to work closely with Team CatWalk to customise all aspects of the campaign and ensure they had everything necessary to do their best work possible. By using a peer-to-peer fundraising solution, complete with a team fundraising page, fitness app integration, and Major Community Event Behavioural Communications, this first-year initiative skyrocketed past MCE benchmarks, setting a new standard for years to come.

See CatWalk Chairman and runner David Pretorius speak at bbcon 2019. Click here now for tickets!

The Lasting Impact of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Blackbaud turned CatWalk Research Trust’s first foray into marathon running into fundraising success, and are working with them again in 2019 to elevate their fundraising even further. Read the full case study to see the record-breaking results.