Tools to Make Your Small Team More Effective

In our last post, we shared our belief that small teams can be just as efficient as larger teams when armed with the right tools. Continuing with this topic, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet of online resources that will streamline your processes, help you identify new opportunities and save you valuable time – so that you can concentrate on the more important business of raising money for your cause. Read on for our pick of the best cloud-based tools you need to start using now.

Best apps for marketing


What it does: allows you to create a single cloud-based calendar for all of your marketing projects – from content marketing to social media schedules – which the whole team can access and contribute to. So that you can: plan, promote, and execute social media strategies with ease, and collaborate with the rest of your team to create and publish content quickly. Pricing is gradated according to the size of your team, making it affordable for smaller teams to access. Check it out:  

Survey Monkey

What it does: allows you to easily create and distribute professional quality surveys to your contacts and analyse the results. So that you can: conduct your own market research and uncover insights into your supporters’ habits, gather feedback and suggestions, measure sentiment and more. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Check it out:

Best business messaging app


What it does: enables you to collaborate, chat and share files with team members more easily and keep all your team communication in one place instead of on disparate email threads. So that you can: streamline discussions around particular projects and topics, find the info you need more easily and avoid clogging up your email inbox with unwieldy conversation threads. Slack also makes life easier by integrating with lots of other nifty apps like video chat tool Zoom, file-sharing tool Dropbox and project management tool Trello. Best of all for teams with small budgets, Slack has a free plan with no limit to the number of users you can add. Check it out:

Best tool for social listening

What it does: integrates with your existing CRM to find out what people in your email list are saying on social media, then builds rich social profiles on each individual. So that you can: identify who your most influential supporters are and improve targeting via email and social to radically increase the engagement and reach of your campaigns. is custom-designed for not-for-profits and charities making it more attuned to the things that matter in our industry and entry-level subscription starts at a reasonable $1000 a year. Check it out:

Best tool for time management

Time Doctor

What it does: shows you exactly how time is spent among your team by using highly accurate time tracking and time management software. So that you can: identify the tasks (or people!) that suck up the most time, minimise excessive personal web browsing, and make changes to improve productivity such as reallocating resources. It might even provide you with the insights you need to make a business case for a new hire. Small teams can sign up free plan or pay around $US10 a month to access more features. Check it out:

Best file sharing app

Google Docs

What it does: allows you to create, edit and store all your team’s documents in the cloud – from data spreadsheets and word documents right through to presentations. So that you can: collaborate on and edit documents in real time, dispensing with the need to create multiple versions of documents or send large files over email. Even better, you’ll never lose a file again. This is another freebie service and perfect for small teams who don’t really need or want to shell out on a server. Check it out:

Best database-building tool

Voila Norbert

What it does: promises to find you anyone’s email address in a matter of seconds, just by inputting a contact’s first and last name. So that you can: directly reach out to prospective donors, influencers and supporters via email and feel confident you’re getting through to the right person. Ideal for campaigns targeting corporates or making sure your database is current, Voila Norbert offers 50 free credits on sign up. Other similar services include Find Any Email, Get Sidekick and Mailtester. Check it out: