3 tips to boost your offline appeals

As we all count down until the end of yet another year, now is the time to start preparing your end of year appeals. So, why not shake up your end of year fundraising routine and boost your appeal by giving your donors more ways and more channels to give? We have all seen just how powerful offline fundraising can be. Using these tips and adding an online component is a sure-fire you will maximise your Christmas campaigns by including new audiences and amplifying your message to your donors.

1. Don’t just engage, inspire!

We all know that donors give more when they feel a deep connection to your vision and mission. Knowing your ‘why’ and communicating it well is key to growing your donation revenue, especially at this time of year. Make sure to capture their attention by keeping your copy short and sweet, and don’t give too much away. Whether it’s to learn more, make a donation or complete an activity, think about what your supporters are most likely to be inspired by and focus on it. Harness their curiosity by having a simple yet effective ask. Give them just enough to inspire them to give, it will encourage them to head to your online page to find out more!

2. Provide multiple calls to action

Some donors will give online and some will donate as a response to your direct mail. There will even be those who will donate across both channels over time. These multi-channel donors usually have greater long-term value for your future appeals and online technology is a great way for you to bring younger donors into the fold. The secret is to “be everywhere” for your donors, offering them to give in multiple ways. A good communication piece will mean that they will hear about your appeal through direct mail on top of receiving encouragement straight to their inbox. They can then donate using either online or offline methods, or both! Here, providing them with more opportunities to give is a win-win for the donor and for you, as the giving process is easier and more convenient than ever!

3. Tie it all together using Give Codes

Offline appeals have great results, but what if you could add an offline component to your direct mail appeal? Using give codes will solve that for you! With give codes, you will be able to effortlessly reconcile offline and online donations in your online interface. Also, if you are using online advertising such as Facebook targeting or Google Adwords, to acquire donors, Givecodes will help you measure the success of those campaigns for both online and offline donations. When your offline appeal supplements your online strategy, not only will it strengthen your entire ecosystem of donor communications, it will boost your fundraising success well into the future. Now that you’re equipped with the know-how to kick-start your end of year appeal, why not get started today? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions!