Unlocking the power of Major Community Events

The Major Community Events (MCEs) category has become increasingly competitive, thanks to global health and fitness trends, evolving peer-to-peer fundraising technology and consumers’ heightened sense of social awareness.

But while MCEs undoubtedly offer huge fundraising potential, carving out your slice of the action in such a cluttered space can be challenging. In the midst of the 2018 running season, we explore in detail the fundraising opportunities presented by MCEs in Australia and New Zealand.

We analysed the activity of 1.5 million donors and 200,000 fundraising pages across Australia and New Zealand between 2013 and 2017 to bring you our report, which you can download in full here. Strapped for time? Here are a few key highlights.

What you need to know about the local MCE landscape

MCE participation is soaring.

The number of supporters participating in MCEs is growing at an impressive pace – and so are overall fundraising totals. In the last five years, the number of donations made to Everydayhero members through MCEs has more than tripled.

Charity partners who take part in MCEs raise more money.

Our study showed that those charities who make MCEs part of their event strategy raise, on average, 15% more than those who don’t. By simply participating, you’re potentially increasing your fundraising potential and setting the scene for double-digit growth.

Your supporters are already taking part.

Many charities already have supporters who are participating in MCEs. That means half the work is already done. What’s missing is the extra support and coaching to help these supporters maximise their efforts and raise even more dollars for your cause.

Four tips to boost your MCE fundraising

Know your data

You can’t create an effective MCE fundraising strategy without understanding your data. The first step is to get to know your audience. Where do they live? How old are they? Are they male or female? Getting intimate with your data will enable you to tailor your messaging and better communicate with your audience when the time comes.

Leverage your existing networks

Reach out to warm leads before you begin cultivating new ones. You can start by tapping into existing contacts and donors who you know are already invested in your cause. Through your Everydayhero charity account, you can run reports to find out which of your supporters have participated in or donated to similar events in the past. Get in touch, let them know how they can get involved again this year and remember to thank them for their previous efforts.

Think outside the box

Don’t assume that the only MCEs worth entering are those that take place in major cities. Do your research and find out what other opportunities exist beyond the usual big hitters. From the Sunshine Coast Marathon in Queensland to the Western Australian Rottnest Channel Swim, there are plenty of smaller MCEs taking place all over Australia that could be a great fit for your charity and may not be as oversubscribed.

Leverage the popularity of fitness apps

We’ve been talking about the importance of fitness integrations and their value as a fundraising tool for a while now. (If you haven’t read our 2017 Fitness and Fundraising study, which shows a powerful correlation between the logging of fitness activities and page activation, here’s your chance). Make it easy for your fundraisers to connect their fitness apps (EverydayHero offers integrations with Strava, Fitbit and MapMyFItness), encourage them to share their fitness milestones, and watch your fundraising totals rise.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to read all of our recommendations in full, download our latest ebook.