‘Unreal Aussies’ make a real difference for mental health

In our previous article, Gaming for Good: the rise of charity streaming, we explored the world of video gaming, the impact it’s having on social good and the opportunities available to nonprofits who are ready to embrace the gaming community. Today, we’re taking a look at how the Unreal Aussies gaming community recently decided to make a real difference for mental health.

Introducing the Unreal Aussies

Unreal Aussies is a group of like-minded gamers who play a wide-variety of games and provide a fun, social atmosphere for their members. The team is Gold Coast-based, but have gamers from all around the oceanic region within their community.

This community has always been willing to give back and, since 2014, they have run a bi-annual charity stream in support of mental health charity beyondblue.

The event

This year, the event took place on Saturday 21st July. 25 gamers had regrouped on the Gold Coast, while another 25 or so joined the movement online. For 10 hours, they played some of their favourite video games while streaming on live-streaming platform Twitch and asking their viewers for donations.

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The Everydayhero team also built a fundraising hub, to help the Unreal Aussies track their progress and easily share their campaign with their many followers.

The results

In just 10 hours, the team exceeded their fundraising goal and raised over $5,000 for beyondblue – making this year’s stream their most successful one yet!

As a proof that Gaming for good is definitely a trend to be watching, the event also caught the media’s attention. 9 News attended the charity stream and interviewed the team captain of Unreal Aussies, Josh Endres for that Saturday’s evening news.

Check out the full interview below:

It’s no secret that gaming is helping to grow the world of giving, and the Everydayhero team are proud to support gamers just like Unreal Aussies who want to give back to the community.

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