How to use landing pages to boost your fundraising efforts

Landing pages are one of the most versatile tools in a nonprofit’s marketing toolbox. Unlike your website, which needs to communicate large volumes of information and appeal to a broad target audience, landing pages are perfect for creating bespoke, targeted pieces of communication that will inspire supporters to take a particular action. Whether you want to promote your latest campaign, share your supporters’ successes and stories or simply drive donations, the landing page is your secret weapon to achieving fundraising success. Here are just a few ways in which you can utilise this simple tool to make a big impact.

Feature star fundraisers

It’s no secret that people are most inspired to act when they feel an emotional connection to a cause. One of the best ways to achieve this is by sharing the journeys of other supporters and profiling the individuals who benefit from the work your charity does. Do you have fundraisers with a particularly inspiring story to tell or who are doing something highly original to raise funds for your organisation? Design a landing page to feature these star fundraisers and create the ‘spark’ that will inspire others to get behind your cause. Remember to include a call to action on the page, such as a ‘donate now’ button or email capture form.

Motivate and celebrate

They say success breeds success, so capitalise on this by creating a dedicated landing page to showcase the collective efforts of your supporters and motivate them to keep up the good work. To do that very simply, you can use Everydayhero’s impact board which provides supporters with an update on how much has been raised in total for a particular campaign, as well as individual and team leaderboards to help stimulate friendly competition. You can even include a social media feed to create an extra layer of engagement and interaction.

Make donating easy

Online donations are on the rise – but to maximise completion rates you need to make the process quick and simple. Use your landing pages to place a well-designed donation form that requires minimal effort and is easy to understand. Make sure your own branding is prominently featured and don’t forget to create a mobile-responsive design so that supporters can give anywhere, anytime. Don’t want to go through the trouble of creating your form yourself? Check out Everydayhero’s new online donation form here and just ask us about how you can place it on your own website

Create a giving hub

Boost your fundraising efforts by creating a fully branded central hub for your next campaign –  just like this landing page created for the Olivia Newton-John Foundation, which was designed using one of Everydayhero’s Giving Hub designs. Use your giving hub to inspire participation, feature fundraising ideas and provide supporters with the info and guidance they’ll need along their fundraising journey. For maximum impact, include leaderboards, social media handles and calls-to-action like email sign up and donate now buttons.
giving hub
For more great tips on how to use landing pages to enhance your fundraising efforts, read Vertical Response’s excellent blog post on the topic. You can also chat to a member of the  Everydayhero team about how to take advantage of our wide range of landing page features.